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Valerie Shaff


“The visible strength of my work comes out of an emotional connection to the subject.  My photographs reveal a respectfully intimate perspective, whether it’s a portrait of another species or of a human relationship.  I find truth and authenticity irresistibly seductive.”

– Valerie Shaff

Valerie Shaff proudly calls herself  ” a valley girl “. Raised in Hastings on Hudson , educated at Bard College, and a resident of Germantown for fourteen years, Valerie is always happy to return from travels,  be they international or from her former part time city life, to the gracious landscape and familiar community of the Hudson River Valley. Valerie has worked as a photographer since graduating from Bard in 1978. Though her photographic endeavors have been varied , most all speak clearly of the natural world . From her pinhole landscapes shot from the perspective of one dwelling close to the earth, to the work she is well known for, monumentalizing species other than human, her reverence for her subjects is translated to a classical , if not romantic, expression. Valerie seeks in her portraits to introduce the viewer to the very soul of each subject . This quality of her work has gained her great recognition in both the private sector through her commissions and books and exhibitions in both the US and abroad. Her work has also been sought after commercially working over the years for many corporate clients and publications. Most recently after making Germantown her full time home, Valerie has turned her lens on the very landscape that has compelled her loyalty to the valley. these landscapes she calls “Atmospheric Conditions ” Valerie shares the many flavors of light and time of year that correspond to our temperate climate and to our internal changing moods , not preferring one over another but attempting to make each so palpable that the viewer “might know just the temperature , and the aroma of the air. “

Vallerie’s works will be on display in our Gallery from Sept 20th, 2014

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