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Spitfire Girls

Out with the new and in with the old... fashioned


For November we’re taking you back in time to meet the Spitfire Girls. That is to say, we’re taking you back in style time, because this Los Angeles based crew of four designers (plus the occasional help from daughter of team leaders Justin and Kristin Schroeder) have the rustic vintage look locked down. As a Texan, Kristin’s aesthetic is steeped in the pioneer spirit and she’s obsessed with wood. Mix that with a cast of designers who include tattoo artists and you end up with Spitfire Girl, a company who is ever-trying to create the perfect unique, yet useful, gift.

Driven by the obsession to create with wood while tickling your whimsy with vintage imagery, Spitfire Girl has launched a line of trays that rock the world of form meets function. Each tray is fashioned using Ec –friendly, sustainably harvested woods that meet the need of responsible consumerism.

TK Home and Garden is happy to have these trays on our shelves to greet us at opening time. Come in and check them out or see them here on the site in our Dinnerware / Service section of our store.

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