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Nancy “Weezy” Forman

of Juniper Wind Design




It’s an amazing thing about her pieces, people just walk towards them with big grins on their faces! They speak to people Nostalgically, Artistically and Automotively…. Nostalgically… People get very intimate and tell us story’s from the heart….

~ How it was the first car they ever drove…

~That they’re grandfather owned one…

~That they had their first date in one….

Its amazing how the trucks remind people of another time that brings back fond memories…and how so many people relate to them this way.


~The Natural surroundings and the man made objects work so well together..

~The way the Trucks rust is so beautiful, the trucks out west weather differently because there is no humidity and they oxidize differently and keep their paint colors a little. Trucks like Woody which was shot in the Pennsylvania Pocono area are not as colorful, (Brownish due to humidity, winters…etc) but the fall leafs give the picture a warm feeling.

~The Trucks have Personality

~The Names of them are fun too… For Example Miles… You can see for Miles & Miles… Or…. He has allot of Miles on him… Or his grill looks like Miles Davis… He Always gets a chuckle!

Shady… Because he is in the Shade…. or is He a Shady Character..


The Automotive viewpoint… people who walk up to the images and give the statistics of the year model … Hard to find them anymore. What Weezy has done is iconic… She brings them back to life.

Surprising… Women love them as much as men… Some do buy them for their husbands,0r boyfriends… But mostly woman are buying them artistically, to hang in the living room den, library, kitchen… They fit in anywhere. Some people have told us that they have painted the wall the color in the trucks! It looks amazing, (there are pictures to prove it…) People ask if the cars were moved, or photoshoped into the location… They are photographed where they are found… waiting for the right light.


Weezy was been written up in Cowboys and Indians magazine in October 2011

Named one of “The Top 50 emerging artist by Art Business News for 2012”


Weezy is self taught photographer with exceptional eye.

It’s so amazing that people who would never even think about owning a picture of a Truck tell us that they just have to have….Rusty…. Or Miles… Or….. They say“never in a million years if I told them they would hang a picture of a old pick-up truck in the entrance of their house they would have never believed it!!”

Nancy’s images can be made in small medium and large sizes. They are giclee prints. Because of the  detail & technique they evoke emotion as would an original oil painting!

They are stretched on canvas on 1 1/2” hardwood frames, ready for hanging, and UV protected.

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