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Roy Volkmann



Roy Volkmann is an internationally acclaimed photographer who is generally known for his portrait works. We’re happy to be able to offer a rare glimpse into his other works with a show in our gallery he calls “mostly landscapes”. We’re thrilled to be able to host Roy’s works beginning August 23rd. 

Pieces will be for sale, but all are welcome to visit just to see his work.


A one-time dancer, Volkmann brings his knowledge of movement and the human body to his photographic images. “This experience gives me an understanding and respect for the body – its movement through space, its tension and releases.”

His dance photographs are studies in form and the grace of movement, revealing the performers’ strength, poise and kinetic symmetry. Volkmann’s stark, simple lighting defines and emphasizes taut lines of musculature. Through his lens, he captures the dancers’ fluid motion, freezing in time their liquid dynamics and transforming them into discrete, geometric images.”

As a Dance photographer, he has collaborated with The Alvin Ailey Company, Dance Theater of Harlem, David Parsons, Feld Ballet, Philobolus, and The Monte/Brown Dance Company. The latter has honored him by naming a suite after him “The Volkmann Suite”, a dance created with inspirations from his photographs.

He began his photographic career in Europe primarily working for beauty and fashion advertising and editorial clients. Shooting in Paris, Milan and London for European magazines such as the Rai Family of magazines (Amica, Max, Sette, Anna, Sportweek); Italian Conde Naste, Italian Bazaar, Stern Magazine, Grazia, Some of his advertising clients include: Revlon, Clairol, Lubriderm, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdales, Tiffany’s, among others.

Some of the personalities he photographed include: Michael Douglas, Melanie Griffith, John Turturro, Marcia Gay Hardin, Sean Young, Penn & Teller, Ahmad Jamal, David Sandborn, Judith Jamisen, David Parsons, Tony Scott, among others.

From his studio in Hudson N.Y. he is currently working on different projects, painting as well as photographic

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