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DemiLune Trunk Sale

One day only

Catherine Fourrel de Frettes launched DemiLune in 2013.  Her aspiration is to design, manufacture and offer luxury home decor – “Objects that bring serenity to one life” as she refer to her collections… Catherine strongly believes that, her esthetic vision is born from her Belgian roots, but notably imbued by her American journey! DemiLune is in its infancy. However, Catherine is not foreign to manufacturing and luxury design. For several year, she ran the production of a steel company in Chicago. In 2000, she became the President and Creative Director of a successful line of handbags.  Today, her commitment to quality and outstanding customer service are truly amalgamated with Demilune’s vision of fair-mindedness, honesty and respect.


Catherine will join us at TK Home and Garden for a special one-day trunk sale where you can see, discuss and purchase items from DEMILUNE’s lines of candles, fragrances and super soft throws.

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